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Born of volcanic activity, and carved by glaciers, Argyll has some of the world’s finest scenery. The oldest human creations here date from 5,000 years ago.<br /><br />The history of Dunadd Fort and its role as a crowning-place for Scottish Kings. The Crinan Canal opened in 1801. The regeneration of the ancient woodlands of Dalriada.

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Meet Torben Ballin, the lithic archaeologist who lives in the Stirlingshire hills with his wife, Beverley.

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Recumbent Stone Circles in North East Scotland

Recumbent Stone Circles in North East Scotland

This is a film about the recumbent stone circles in North East Scotland. Why are they there and who built them? We explore the myths which surround them and discover what the most recent archaeological findings are.

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Old Vero Man Archaeological Dig

In January, archaeologists started excavating the site near where the Old Vero Man bones were found nearly a century ago.

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PhD student Archaeological Sciences Bradford

Mike Copper tells us about his research in ceramic variation in Neolithic Atlantic Scotland.

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Archaeology from Above

This video was produced in conjunction with Tableau, the magazine of the University of Chicago Division of the Humanities. Read the story at http://tableau.uchicago.edu/articles/… Aerial footage from the 2013 Neubauer Expedition to Zincarli, Turkey. This important Iron Age site in southern Turkey is near the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. Researchers from the University of Chicago’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations photographed and mapped the dig site using a digital camera strapped to a remote-controlled helicopter. The […]

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