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    ASKAEOLOGY Video Trailer – Young people ask real archaeologists if they see themselves as the new face of TV archaeology, now that Time Team has been cancelled. CoastArchaeology

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  • Bosnian Pyramidiot fun again!

    Bosnian Pyramidiot fun again!

    Oh no, not again!! I hear you cry… Here are some quotes…    Discuss all that is wrong with the release.    I like the one that say that there are still archaeologists who oppose this..  (  I think you will find that is a bit of an understatement!) sit back and strap your jaw up..!   lest it hit the ground.   [Dr. Semir Osmanagich, Researcher of Bosnian Pyramid]: “Under the valley of the pyramids in Bosnia, there is the most extensive […]

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  • Ask Lovecraft – Archaeology

    Ask Lovecraft – Archaeology

    In which we assist a professor in his efforts to rein in his students’ destructive enthusiasm.

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  • Dr. Miles Feldspar, studies the origin of fun

    Dr. Miles Feldspar, studies the origin of fun

    Laughlin Constable worked with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to develop a spring and summer campaign highlighting the great destinations and events around the state of Wisconsin. The result was the creation of Dr. Miles Feldspar, an expert archaeologist studying the origin of fun. Here you will find one of three videos documenting Dr. Feldspar’s discoveries. Dr. Miles Feldspar discovers Wisconsin as the site of the first music concert; further proof that Wisconsin truly is the Origin of Fun. For […]

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  • Blackadder: Back & Forth- Hadrian’s Wall.

    Blackadder: Back & Forth- Hadrian’s Wall.

    Blackadder & Balders have come to a Roman garrisoned Hadrian’s Wall. All they need to do now is swipe a Roman soldier’s helmet & get out of there before they’re killed by Rod Stewart’s great, great grandfather. 1999

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  • History in the making ‘Italy’

    History in the making ‘Italy’

    BBC Cymru Wales promotional campaign for the 6 Nations 2012 continues its journey through previously unseen Welsh history and returning, this time, to Wales in AD 74.

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  • Curse of the Stolen Artifacts

    Curse of the Stolen Artifacts

    Protectors of ancient artifacts reach across the centuries — to the dismay of modern-day plunderers. Based on a true story.   from BLM California

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  • Simon Davis: Don’t Stop

    Simon Davis: Don’t Stop

    Anies Hassan of  Tollan films provide us with a tribute to Michael Jackson and the excavators of Bu Maher Fort, Bahrain (March 2010)   ooooooh.      Don’t Stop!

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  • Stonehenge – Ylvis (Music Video)

    Stonehenge – Ylvis (Music Video)

    Ylvis – “What’s the meaning of Stonehenge?” The incredible ballade of Stonehenge by norwegian comedian Vegard Ylvisaker. From the norwegian talk show ‘I kveld med Ylvis’ on TVNorge. Lyrics: My life is so successful. I’ve got everything a man could ever need. Got a thousand dollar haircut and I even got a talk show on TV. And I know I should be happy, but instead there’s a question I can’t get out of my head. What’s the meaning of Stonehenge? […]

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  • Greatest archaeological find ever

    Greatest archaeological find ever

    Happy Finish is a new sketch show that showcases a generation of new comedic  talent both on- and off-screen, featuring Nadia Kamil, Daniel Kaluuya, Nico Tatarowicz, Sara Pascoe and Mike Wozniak. Sketches include the Department of Internet Hate, who are tasked with the job of coming up with the hate on YouTube comment boards;  and these archaeologists who uncover one of Jesus’ practical jokes.

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  • When Archaeology Tools matter – Infomercial!

    When Archaeology Tools matter – Infomercial!

    Oh yes, this film from the archives from the 1920s (or is that 7.20pm) shows how having the right archaeology equipment can turn a nightmare into a dream! Yes with Past Horizons Tools, you will save time and money in the long run. http://www.pasthorizons.com/shop you can also join them on facebook! Yes the Facebook thing… come along, bring your friends and have a laugh! http://www.facebook.com/archstore    

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  • Archaeology Adventure Quest

    Archaeology Adventure Quest

    Thrill to the award-nominated adventures of television’s Dirk Logan as he travels the world in search of a quest for archaeology!

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  • The Mitchell and Webb Look – Bronze Age Orientation Day

    Stone Age Man is told about the need to move into Bronze Age Demonstrates drivers and need for change and the various reactions according to perspective.

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  • Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones

    Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones A fight to the finish! Search terms:lara tv

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  • Armstrong & Miller Archaeology

    A classic sketch from Armstrong and Miller. The truth about archaeology is uncovered.

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