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  • Dalriada Project Film

    Dalriada Project Film

    Born of volcanic activity, and carved by glaciers, Argyll has some of the world’s finest scenery. The oldest human creations here date from 5,000 years ago.<br /><br />The history of Dunadd Fort and its role as a crowning-place for Scottish Kings. The Crinan Canal opened in 1801. The regeneration of the ancient woodlands of Dalriada.

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  • Sir Bani Yas – Abu Dhabi: Pre-Islamic Monastery

    Sir Bani Yas – Abu Dhabi: Pre-Islamic Monastery Co-ordinated by Peter Hellyer and Archaeological Director Dr. Joseph Elders, a team first started excavations on Sir Bani Yas in the early 1990s as part of the Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey. The pre-Islamic monastery, built by the Church of the East, dates from the late 6th Century AD and is the most southerly identified in the Arabian Gulf. Further excavations and the opening of the site to international acclaim are part […]

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  • Koh Ker ” The Lost Wonder ”

    “This is a teaser for our feature documentary on Ko Ker temples, located in Preah Vihear province, Kingdom of Cambodia. It was made in order to raise awareness this remote and little known complex and its history. Behind its beauty, we invite you to discover some hidden critical issues about heritage protection in general. Your (financial) contribution to production of our feature documentary will help us address those issues better.” Produced by Dr. Chen Chanratana Sum Sithen Directed by Ouch […]

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  • Archaeoroutes – Landscape Archaeology

    A very brief guide to the archaeological features you can see in the hills of Britain. This was written to provide CPD for mountain leaders and to support the Archaeoroutes range of walks. Go to http://www.archaeoroutes.co.uk/cpd for more information and a quiz…

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  • Project Marriott Cusco. (english subtitles)

    Project Marriott Cusco. (english subtitles)

    Meet the archaeological work and value that are made in the Project Marriott Cusco. The future hotel, owned by peruvian Inversiones La Rioja, will exhibit areas with structures and cultural vestiges of prehispanic and colonial. Inca walls, findings from a funeral and a religious context, unpublished data. Incan pottery, sculptures and other remains dating back to the 13th Century.  A large stone wall was preserved and remains in place inside the hotel.

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  • Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Site in Miraflores

    Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Site in Miraflores

    Living in Lima (Peru) #7: Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Site in Miraflores After visiting the Museu de la Nacion and showing the car traffic in the Peruvian capital, we visit the Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Site, in Miraflores, Lima! We stayed for 2 months living is this amazing country, studying Spanish and travelling from North to South. First, we lived for a few weeks in the capital, Lima, and on this video series I will show our Spanish school in Miraflores, the […]

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  • Dr. Miles Feldspar, studies the origin of fun

    Dr. Miles Feldspar, studies the origin of fun

    Laughlin Constable worked with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to develop a spring and summer campaign highlighting the great destinations and events around the state of Wisconsin. The result was the creation of Dr. Miles Feldspar, an expert archaeologist studying the origin of fun. Here you will find one of three videos documenting Dr. Feldspar’s discoveries. Dr. Miles Feldspar discovers Wisconsin as the site of the first music concert; further proof that Wisconsin truly is the Origin of Fun. For […]

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  • Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples – Malta

    Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples – Malta

    Hagar Qim was excavated at the beginning of the nineteenth century and has produced many ‘fat figure’ statuettes including the naturalistic ‘Venus of Malta’. On the outer side of the north flank of Hagar Qim a open-air shrine has been inserted into the wall, whose facade combines the suggestive symbols of the male and female generative organs. There is also the unique four-sided altar. Various facades of the temple have been interpreted as symbolically depicting male and female reproductive organs. […]

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  • Visit Grand Canyon Archaeological Sites

    Visit Grand Canyon Archaeological Sites

    The National Park Service (NPS) and the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) excavated nine archaeological sites along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon during three years of fieldwork. The NPS/MNA excavation project was the first major archaeological excavation to occur along the river corridor in Grand Canyon in nearly 40 years. The NPS has a “preservation-in-place” mandate, and excavates archaeological sites only when they cannot be stabilized and preserved in place. These sites were disappearing due to erosion; artefacts […]

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  • Puglia in augmented reality – APP

    Puglia in augmented reality – APP

    Interesting and imaginative use of augmented reality – what is impressive is the smooth and well considered experience.   worth considering for other projects? Search terms:puglia reality plus

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  • Legion Project – Morocco

    Legion Project – Morocco

    The Legion project is an archaeological investigation into the remains of French Foreign Legion outposts in Morocco. Fieldwork to date has concentrated on sites in the SE but future work will examine other areas. In 2008, 2011 and 2012 Trailquest teams have located a number of sites which have been subjected to survey by teams of archaeology students and other interested parties. In 2012 a group from Worcester University surveyed an abandoned blockhouse near Boudenib. If you would like to […]

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  • National Museum of Iran

    National Museum of Iran

    National Museum of Iran, aging more than 70 years, containing 300,000 museum objects in an area more than 20,000 square meters, is not only the largest museum of History and Archaeology of the country, but ranks as one of the few most prestigious museums of the world in regard to grand volume, diversity and quality of its huge monuments. In the Iranian museum tradition it is considered Iran’s mother museum, aiming at preserving relics of the past to hand down […]

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  • Llynnon Prehistoric Roundhouses – Construction

    Llynnon Prehistoric Roundhouses – Construction

    How the Prehistoric Roundhouses at Llynnon Mill on Anglesey in Wales were built. For details about visiting the site go to: http://www.visitanglesey.co.uk/en-GB/llynnon-90.aspx Ancient Arts : http://www.ancient-arts.org/  to learn more and even get involved in an onsite course- UK  

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  • Connecting Colorado

    Connecting Colorado

    Archaeology & Historic Preservation Month 2012 See how archaeology and historic preservation connect and strengthen communities in Colorado. http://www.historycolorado.org/

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  • Galatas — the unknown palace

    Galatas — the unknown palace

    he “Palace” at Galatas was only discovered and excavated in the early 1990s. The site is located 30 kilometres south of Heraklion, near the villages of Galatas and Arkalochori. From the site there are fine views towards southern Crete. The large, paved central courtyard of the palace runs north-south and measures 16 metres by 32 metres. It was originally surrounded by a four-wing building. Of the four wings the East wing is the best preserved, followed by the North, while […]

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