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  • Roman Potter of Middlewich

    Roman Potter of Middlewich

    Anyone who has ever visited the Roman Middlewich festival is certain to have seen a Roman potter busy at work producing Roman pottery & demonstrating his skills in reproducing in authentic detail pots and vessels from the Roman period. Now see this exclusive feature shot and produced by James Balme at the 2011 Middlewich Roman Festival highlighting the amazing reproductions produced by the renowned Trinity Court Potteries. From TVPresenter4History

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  • 3D Technologies in Archaeology

    3D Technologies in Archaeology

    This is a compilation of some of our other videos, and some new material, put together for the Council for British Archaeology Wessex regional conference, held at the Ordnance Survey headquarters in Southampton, UK. In this short film, you can see the Stonehenge landscape in 3D, view some 3D models of bones from the Amesbury Archer’s skeleton, scans of WWI and WWII graffiti, and a new cut of the Seabed Prehistory archaeological reconstruction. The video was put together by Tom […]

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  • Welsh Rock Cannon

    Welsh Rock Cannon

    Antur Stiniog are building a £1.3m downhill biking course in the mountains above Llechwedd. During construction the on-site archaeologist discovered a rock cannon causing one of the bike tracks to be re-routed. A rock cannon, also known in Welsh as a cerrig cannan, craig cannan, or in the 19th century, craig fagnel (plural: craig fagnelau; Welsh: magnel – gun, cannon), is a rock or boulder which has been bored with holes which can be partly loaded with black powder (gunpowder) […]

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  • The Mystery of Paleontology’s “Hobbit”

    The Mystery of Paleontology’s “Hobbit”

    Ian Tattersall, paleoanthropologist and curator at the American Museum of Natural History, describes the discovery of fossil LB1 (nicknamed the “hobbit”), and the mystery surrounding the nearly complete skeleton. —– Leakey Lecture – A Debate: Who was the Hobbit? Dr. Robert Martin Field Museum of Natural History Dr. Ian Tattersall American Museum of Natural History Found on an obscure island, the tiny, small-brained, big-footed, “Homo florensiencsis,” or “the hobbit,” is unlike any other discovery. Where did this being come from, […]

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  • A1K1 Warrior Tomb – Greece

    A1K1 Warrior Tomb – Greece

    With Antonis Kotsonas: Peek into the elaborate rock-cut tomb of 141 cremated individuals, all but two of whom were male warriors who received burials fit for Homeric heroes. Antonis Kotsonas  2008. The Archaeology of Tomb A1K1 of Orthi Petra in Eleutherna: The Early Iron Age Pottery, University of Crete, Athens

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  • The Mitchell and Webb Look – Bronze Age Orientation Day

    The Mitchell and Webb Look – Bronze Age Orientation Day

    Stone Age Man is told about the need to move into Bronze Age Demonstrates drivers and need for change and the various reactions according to perspective.

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  • Umm el-Jimal (Jordan) Educational Curriculum Update

    Umm el-Jimal (Jordan) Educational Curriculum Update

    Umm el-Jimal Project team members give an update about the educational curriculum they are putting together as part of an AIA Site Preservation grant. The curriculum will be available in English and Arabic and is being developed in partnership with the Jordanian Ministry of Education for implementation in Jordanian government schools. The goal for the Umm el-Jimal Project in creating this curriculum is to bridge the gap between the ruins at Umm el-Jimal and the people of today. Copyright (c) […]

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  • Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones

    Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones

    Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones A fight to the finish!

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  • The Late Glacial and Mesolithic in Northern UK

    The Late Glacial and Mesolithic in Northern UK

    A lecture presented to volunteers for the community archaeology project ‘Paxton before the House’. Kristian Pedersen of Edinburgh University speaks about the archaeological evidence of the Late Glacial and Mesolithic periods in Scotland

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  • Illinois Caves Series: Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great

    Illinois Caves Series: Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great

    Thought you knew the Truth about Alexander?   Nah…   the maps tell the real truth…  Alexander made it to Illinois.   No really!     Hang onto your reality!   First instalment in our radio series with Harry Hubbard of “We want you to join us on a journey which does not parallel anything that has been previously presented by academia in the fields of history and archaeology. What you are about to explore is a chapter of ancient history that has […]

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  • Star Carr – The Otherside of the Antler

    Star Carr – The Otherside of the Antler

    A documentary exploring the new excavations at Star Carr, the world famous Mesolithic archaeological site. It’s the first time excavations have taken place at this location for more than 20 years. The video was commissioned by the Vale of Pickering Archaeological Trust and was filmed over 4 weeks in the summer of 2006. More information about the site and the new excavations can be found at

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  • Digging For Britain: Mystery Infant Skeletons

    Digging For Britain: Mystery Infant Skeletons

    Three years after the gruesome discovery of nearly 100 infant skeletons from a Roman villa site, new research casts doubt on archaeologist’s controversial theory.

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  • Making a Bronze-Age Beaker

    Making a Bronze-Age Beaker

    Hand building one of the 60 Bronze-Age Beakers made for Kent Archaeological Trust for the Dove Boat Project you can also see my video of me decorating one of these pots.

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  • Iron age house reconstruction in Eastern Europe

    Iron age house reconstruction in Eastern Europe

    Based on field archeological works. Project accomplished together with Czech Technical University in Prague and east Bohemia Museum in Pardubice

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  • The mysterious hominids from the Denisova Cave

    The mysterious hominids from the Denisova Cave

    Bence Viola from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig discovered the tooth fragments together with Russian colleagues in the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains. Initially, he thought the inconspicuous-looking object was the molar of a cave bear. But when the remaining fragments of the tooth turned up, it became obvious that the researchers had found the tooth of a hominid. It was too large, however, to be from a modern man or Neanderthal. When the researchers […]

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