Sir Bani Yas – Abu Dhabi: Pre-Islamic Monastery

Sir Bani Yas – Abu Dhabi: Pre-Islamic Monastery

Co-ordinated by Peter Hellyer and Archaeological Director Dr. Joseph Elders, a team first started excavations on Sir Bani Yas in the early 1990s as part of the Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey. The pre-Islamic monastery, built by the Church of the East, dates from the late 6th Century AD and is the most southerly identified in the Arabian Gulf. Further excavations and the opening of the site to international acclaim are part of an on-going development programme for the Abu Dhabi Islands, overseen by the Tourism Development & Investment Company TDIC.

Project Director: Peter Hellyer
Archaeological Director: Dr. Joseph Elders
Archaeological Project Manager: Dr. Elizabeth Popescu
Archaeological Conservator: Dana Goodburn-Brown

The short video programme is written and narrated by Peter Hellyer and produced by Mike Shepley.

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