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  • Sailing the Vaaler Moor logboat

    Sailing the Vaaler Moor logboat

    The Vaaler Moor logboat is being tested in scale 1/20. This was part of the “Special Topics” class 2012 at the Maritime Archaeology Programme, University of Southern Denmark; Another seven boats were also tested. The original boat is at Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseum at Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig. http://www.schloss-gottorf.de

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  • Soundig


    Soundig is an archaeological sound installation for public spaces. This video was taken in Dec 2011 in Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand as part of the Random Acts festival of street performance. For more info visit soundig.co.nz or winningproductions.co.nz

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  • An archaeological cremation

    An archaeological cremation

    Archaeologist Paul Duffy conducts an unusual experiment using a pig as stand-in for a human being (health and safety gone mad!). How will the remains compare with our ancestors’ bones after their bodies were cremated? It’s all part of the Discover Bute Family Midsummer Celebration at Scalpsie on the Isle of Bute

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  • Dover Beaker Decorating

    Dover Beaker Decorating

    Decorating one of the 60 replica Bronze-Age beakers that I made for Canterbury Archaeological Trust Bronze-Age Boat Project.

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  • Making a Bronze-Age Beaker

    Hand building one of the 60 Bronze-Age Beakers made for Kent Archaeological Trust for the Dove Boat Project you can also see my video of me decorating one of these pots.

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