The archaeological finds at Must Farm, Whittlesey

The archaeological finds at Hansons Must Farm, Whittlesey

The extraordinary find at Hanson’s quarry in Must Farm, Whittlesey, has doubled the total of Bronze Age logboats found in the UK.

One of the logboats could date from as long ago as 1300BC – making it the oldest ever discovered.

Swords, spears, fish weirs and eel traps have also been found in the ancient water course, which runs along the southern ends of the Flag Fen Basin. It is home to the Oxford Clay that Hanson uses to create its bricks.

Even the stumps of trees, which once lined the river, have been uncovered.

Major archaeology find of several oak tree carved boats dating back 1300BC at Must Farm, Hanson brickyard, Whittlesey.

Mark Knight, senior project officer for Cambridge Archaeological Unit, which is carrying out the excavation, said: “It’s archaeology like it’s never been preserved before.”


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